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Tax Preparation

The highly-skilled CPA firm of Barnes Preston Global CPAs P.A. helps businesses throughout the nation with tax preparation from our Fort Lauderdale and Miami, FL locations. We handle your tax research and preparation needs using the most current tools and technology, like specialized software. We couple our up-to-date equipment with 40 years of experience working in accounting. Our team of certified accountants has performed services for clients all over the world. The list of tax and legal service connections we have in 100 countries provides international support for individuals and businesses who need expert assistance with US tax solutions. The challenges of domestic and international business can make your tax preparation a complex maze of codes and stipulations. Let us help you reach a prompt, reliable return. We devote our proficiency in accounting to make sure your engagement in our services is one of the best investments you make this year.

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Accurate Returns Using Up-to-Date Technology

We’ve made a significant commitment to preparing your taxes and performing research using computer software that enables efficient and accurate returns. These exceptional tasks can apply to a variety of different entities. Corporations, individuals, partnerships, and not-for-profit organizations can all benefit from the computerized process. It also applies to trusts and estates, showing the versatility of the software and its usages in tax accounting. Preparing your taxes with the greatest accuracy is paramount to a return with the lowest risk of audit. Our certified public accountants have years upon years of experience that’s relevant to all facets of tax code and preparation. Our extensive and diverse history of tax preparation for a wide range of clients ensures the best possible return.

Dependable Accounting for Your Returns

Businesses and individuals alike are welcome to procure the tax preparation and research services we offer. While we situate our offices in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, FL, clients worldwide have received dependable accounting services in a timely manner. We put our sharp expertise and extensive knowledge into every return. Give Barnes Preston Global CPAs P.A. a call today to find out how our CPA firm can help you.

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