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Estate Planning & Trust Tax Preparation Services

Verify your estate and financial affairs get the time and attention they deserve with Barnes Preston Global CPAs P.A.’s estate planning and trust tax preparation at our Fort Lauderdale and Miami, FL offices. While our locations are based in Florida, our services extend worldwide and have assisted countless clients in most states of the US and 40 other countries. Through our tax and legal connections around the globe, we’re able to offer far-reaching financial and tax expertise, and that includes helping you with your estate and financial affairs. We’ve spent decades applying our knowledge and adept skillset to making sure our clients’ wishes for asset transfer get honored and distributed appropriately. If you need a reliable expert to organize your financial affairs and ensure a successful transfer, Barnes Preston Global is ready to help.

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Responsible Care for Your Assets

Planning your estate and assets’ transfer is an important task that you should entrust to experienced professionals like Barnes Preston Global CPAs P.A. We provide effective gift and estate planning, to facilitate an orderly transfer of your assets to the appropriate beneficiaries. You can ensure security for a spouse you’ve left behind, and our thorough services can help you reduce or even eliminate the taxes that are due when you transfer your estate, business, or other assets. For business owners, it’s essential to provide continuity for your business through the succession of its ownership. Our planning experts can guide you to make sure your wishes get followed through. Getting your financial affairs in order is a complex process that requires professional expertise in handling the transfer of estates and other assets. With our estate planning and trust tax preparation services, you can rest assured that your assets’ welfare is well taken care of.

Call Us for Dependable Asset Distribution

Whether your business needs a successful transfer to a new owner, or you’re looking after the welfare of your surviving spouse or family, Barnes Preston Global CPAs P.A. is your dependable resource. We will make sure your estate and other assets undergo successful transfer according to your directions with our estate planning and trust tax preparation services. It’s never a bad time to get your financial affairs in order. Give us a call today to discuss your wishes for your estate and other assets, and we’ll ensure they receive the respect you deserve.

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